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Originally Posted by AandA View Post
Hi Rob, just sent you a private message. Yes, we are interested.
Originally Posted by HunnyBunnys View Post
Hello everyone!

Small group we have going here, hopefully we get to "meet" more and more of our neighbours! We also booked a Rosecroft closing in July 2014.

This may be old news, but I just read somewhere that the Rio Can shopping center being built at Simcoe and Winchester will be the biggest outlet mall in Canada. I'm sure its a few years away, but I'm a little nervous about how busy it will get.

Either way, we're so very excited!
Hey, we are super excited too. We purchased a Plainridge corner closing late May 2014 on Blackwell crescent.

We didn't know that the Rio Can outlet had the record of the biggest outlet mall. Thanks for sharing!

We had our structural appointment recently...not sure when the decor appointment is due. Anybody know anything about that? What upgrades are you all planning on getting?
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