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Originally Posted by HunnyBunnys View Post
We have no choice with the fireplace! I know! It feels so bad to spend that money but doing anything after the fact just won't look good. (from what I've found so far)

So this is what I can remember

Plywood sub floors
oak stairs
smooth ceilings
adding some windows

This will probably change when we have our appointment
We'll probably add more outlets.

For pot lights i think we're going with Mr. Potlight, I'm waiting for a quote on exterior lights. We'll see!

Did they mention to you why we can only go with the builder when installing a chimney hood fan?

Mr.Potlight, huh? I am going to check them out. See if I can add some more through them later.

We only got standard appliances. I noticed that they did make that comment about the chimney hood fan but I am not sure why. We will be getting the regular hood fan and then probably change it to stainless steel later.

We actually went for less at the actual structural appointment than we had anticipated. Can't wait for the decor appointment.
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