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May I ask what specific features you like about Kenson? To us, the designer pretty much design the main floor according to our desire, making the kitchen really the center of the house, getting rid of the redundancy of breakfast/dinning, 12' high ceiling in living room, pretty much the same open feeling from entering the house all the way through.

I personally think HN Homes did a great job of getting a designer to create some truly unique homes. I've seen some Uniform house owners use the designer's name as one of the selling point. Maybe in the future, we will be able to do the same.

We will start the structural meeting in September. It's our first new home, so we don't have any idea about the upgrade damage neither, will see

Originally Posted by TheyMightBeHouseHippos View Post
We are also building with HN Homes, also the Kenson model. You have good taste We were browsing for homes for a while and were thinking it would probably take a couple of years before we found something we'd like but we pretty much knew right away when we walked into the Kenson model that our house hunt was over.

We're just going through choosing our colors etc. and waiting to see what the upgrade price damage will be. Always a bit of a whirlwind with a new home.
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