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Thanks for the tip! Will start to look at the appliances.

Originally Posted by TheyMightBeHouseHippos View Post
I think getting Christopher Simmonds as the architect was a really good move by HN homes, it was what drew us to check out the models. We never really liked having “formal” rooms that we would only use a handful of times during the year, so we were quite surprised to find a model that eliminated the formal spaces and use the rest of the space to great effect. We agree with you that the overall sense of space in the Kenson model was very well done.

We were also impressed with some of the standards and design touches they included like hardwood stairs going up, glass panels in the stair wells, corner glass windows, double patio doors that really open up the dining area to the backyard, air conditioning, but most of all the smooth ceilings (I really, really, really hate popcorn ceilings).

We'll probably be done all our selections by September, so if you have any questions when you start going through the process, feel free to ask. I do recommend you start looking at appliances. I know it feels crazy early for that, but knowing things like if you want a 33" or a 36" fridge will impact the layout of your kitchen cabinets (the model has a 33", we are doing a counter depth 36")
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