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Never heard of this builder so had a look. Interesting layouts ... we have/have had floor plans with rooms never used

The starting at $580k was a shocker - clearly I'm out of whack with current prices.

A couple of suggestions for options/upgrades:

1) ask about double sided fireplace which some may find great with that fam area/ dining area layout;

2) rooms over garage always a risk for cold floors in winters, find out how they insulate those floors and upgrade to closed cell foam if necessary; .

3) the furnace location is a plus since its near front of house so shorter distance to over garage rooms; the master is the long trip; ask about cost to seal the joints on all ducts and vent pipes to these bedrooms. ask about costs to insulate vent pipes that travel over or through any cold zone

4) ask about cost to fully insulate garage walls, and an R20 insulated garage door with air seals around the door

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