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Originally Posted by good2know View Post
Thanks for this. I would recommend you enquire about closed cell foam over garage. The system they use must be code compliant but is risky business - if it is not air sealed perfectly, the room(s) above will be cold. I thought minimum was R35 there.

R20 basement walls is a good feature but again, its effectiveness is totally dependant on air sealing. Air leaks at rim joist area, and unsealed gaps in vapour barrier all reduce its effectiveness. This is a problem with pretty much all builders. Check the air sealing in the basement of the models. If there are unsealed joints, and gaps around floor joists and at bottom of the walls that's not good. Look for unsealed gaps in vb behind the studs at the bottom.
I'm guessing a lot of this is quality workmanship - to be done in walk throughs prior to closing...I do know they are rather cautious about it. GM of the company requested that we let them pre-install electrical things in the basement in prep for a later finishing so that we don't need to create gaps in vb. I guess it's just their attention to detail which I hope does continue through their building process...

Will definitely keep an eye out for these and ask about the various questions you just had. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for insulation.

I will say this, after having gone through most meetings with the design elements, I generally am liking the quality of most things I am seeing so I do recommend you go there yourself, I know they have one unfinished basement open to guests to see which I know should interest you greatly.
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