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I got everything installed with the help of my neighbor who is a plumber in training. The building inspector also helped out quite a bit with his advice.

My entire basement floor is covered in Barricade tiles, save for the furnace room. Prior to installing tile in the bathroom I knew I had to do something about the small amounts of play in the floor as that would be no good for tile. I ended up finding documentation on Barricade's website (they're now Dricore I guess) that said you could put tile over top if you screwed each tile down with 5 tapcons. So I have Barricade, Ditra, and tile in my bathroom.

I'm not sure if this is a Kingston thing (where I am) or not, but the toilet rough in was not glued in place. The builder just puts a 4' length of ABS into the floor drain. That way it lets whoever plumbs the toilet pull the pipe out and cut it to the appropriate length before gluing.

Running the water lines could not have been easier using the Shark bite adapters. It's literally like building a LEGO set to where you need to go. I also incorporated shut offs at every fixture AND a shut off on both the hot and cold lines where I T'd into the main line. This way I only had to shut the main house water off for a few minutes as all our new work was behind the shutoff.

The toilet was easy, and I remembered to hook up the cold water line to it, not the hot water line, so that was a victory!

In terms of the laundry tub drain and vanity, I was told that each drain could be 1 1/2", but beyond where the two meet it had to be 2". It's also an option to just add another TY to the 2" drain and have two separate 1 1/2" drains go into it.

The vanity and toilet are now good to go and signed off by the building inspector. I'll tackle the laundry tub this weekend.
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