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Originally Posted by SIV View Post
Hello everyone, kinda new here and got some questions. Any info helps

I'm aware of the other Blackstone thread, but a lot of the info in there seems dated and are all monarch.

Mattamy is expanding on the Blackstone community now that they own Monarch. It's "phase 1" for Mattamy since they just took over for monarch.

We're considering a Halflinger or Shire on a 46" lot (about 625k-680k)

Does anyone know why these houses seem to be selling slower than others?

Should we wait a bit longer? Do Mattamy still have sales or bonuses they offer at specific periods? The are offering 30k at decor right now, but I have someone tell me they got something like that -AND- 30k off the house price / architecture options. Is there something like a Christmas / winter sale worth waiting for?

We're considering some lots, is it wise to purchase 3 houses down from a potential elementary school? (with a backyard opening onto a park)

46 have a 15-20k premium? Can this be bargained? is that a lot?

Should we just go there with a real estate agent and try to bargain for whatever we can get? Has anyone had any luck here?

Found the old Monarch Shire designs online, but it looks nothing like what Mattamy is proposing and they don't have model homes yet. Are there any details on these models?

Just trying to gather as much info as possible - anything helps! Cheers
I remember Base price -25 K off+ 25 K design center bomus in Traditions ii in stittsville on their 38 ft lots in early 2017 with base price of 475-526 K. Towards the end when they want to finish up the community they give better design center credits as well as 25 K off base price. I would suggest be bold and ask them for 30 K off base price. Alternatively you can also ask for better elevation at base price that might be worth 10 K or more.

Worst case ask for 50 K design center credit and best elevation, so indirectly you knock 30 K off.Alternatively ask for 9 ft ceiling in base price plus best elevation that would knock 20 K off.Lot premiums are negotiable if you get lucky.

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