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Default HRV Conttol LED Light Blinking

Good Day,

Last two days, our HRV control LED light (Amber) blinking and all push-button timers in bath do not work (Light off). Therefore, I opened the HRV cover and found that some ice on the "Exhaust Air To Outside" side of heat core.

Beucase I don't know what should I can, I closed the cover. But the HRV control LED light changed to "Green" solid light and all timer in bath works last night.

However, all timers do not work again this morning and the HRV control LED light changed to amber blinking again too.

Home built in this year and this is our first winter with HRV operation.

HRV model: Clean Comfort VH70220

Anyone experienced this situation or idea and suggestion?

Thank you so much
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