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Originally Posted by rdx View Post
If the house floor plan is 4000-5000 sq ft, we can of course have as many kinds of rooms as we want, den, entertainment room, living room, dining room, etc on the main floor. That's why I mentioned on the original post that for new houses under 3000 sq ft.

And unfortunately, in Upper Thornhill Estates, we hardly find new house floor plan over 4000 sq ft. If there is any, it would over 1 millions !!!
That's what attracted us to our house layout. Its only about 1900 sqft but it has features/rooms that would be found in larger homes. The separate rooms are not huge, but they are fairly sized. It helps that we have a detached garage so it doesnt take up interior space. So what we have on our main floor is an Office, Laundry Room, Great Room and a separate dining room (not to mention the kitchen and eating area) We like the layout, it is functional.
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