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We booked our house (Denim 6) on the VIP preview day i.e 17th April. We came to know about the VIP preview couple of days earlier through email. I was checking for any lineups on my way to work on 15th, 16th..but no lineup. On 17th, went to salescenter around 9am and found no line up. I was relaxed a bit.
When I came back to salescenter at 10.50am, I saw a small lineup with may be about around 30 to 40. We were in the first 20 and was able to sign the deal by 1.00pm.

Today we had been to do the brick selection and was a tough one. We drove around some of the Greenpark homes trying to find the brick color that matched the ones in design center. Finally we had to settle with one.
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