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Default HST Transition (not new housing related)

Since the sticky post seems to be more about new houses, I created a new thread.

Does anyone know exactly how the transition to HST will occur?

I'm planning on doing some landscaping and having a deck built this spring. The original plan was to complete everything before July 1st hence no HST. But due to whatever delays the deck will be started before July 1st but may not be completed till shortly after. Can I plan to pay the balance before July 1st to avoid HST? What is the exact rule, most of the work will be done but there may still be some finishing touches that occur after July 1.

Also the builder is seems to have failed their grading and needs to do some more work, this could push my landscaping out till after July 1st as well. If I pay before July 1st am I HST exempt?

If technically I am not, what would I need to do to not pay the HST?

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