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Originally Posted by zaindo View Post
Thank You PJD, I will certainly check that all out. I am quite new here to Toronto and Stouffville, just keen to know - as i saw there is quite a whole lot of vacant land near / around Stouffville, I am assuming there will be more projects coming over soon( or am i out to lunch

Also does it appear that Stouffville property values will continue to apprecaite in the next few years or does it look a little steady in terms of appreciation for now if the real estate market continues to be the way it is ?

Please share

No problem . My understanding is that there is a lot of land on which they cannot build. Phase 4 is the final phase for GP, TH and Starlane. That's why they closed the sales offices and are now selling the model homes. Whether or not that changes in the future and that land gets sold to developers is anyone's guess. I am not in the know.

The real estate market is hard to predict. Some people think the rise will be more steady for the next few years i.e. 2-3% per year, but who knows. If you look at what I paid for my house before upgrades back in May '09 (although we're talking about a detached here), two of the same models have recently sold in Stouffville for $116K more. So it's definitely been rising fairly quickly so far. I don't think anyone can really tell you what the future holds.
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