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Originally Posted by good2know View Post
When I do rim joist air sealing, I use latex caulk. Easier to work with than construction adhesive. Run a bead then squish it in with your finger.

Once it's air sealed, Fiberglas insulation works fine. It's the vapour barrier that's tricky.
THanks for that info, good2know. My plan is to use rigid foam (left over pieces from the wall) and seal the edges w/ spray foam. Where I can't access because of duct work, I think I'll seriously consider your advice.

Originally Posted by good2know View Post
When working with acoustical sealant, a helpful hint is to run the sealant bead where you need it, then let it sit for a day or so. It is sticker than when wet, but doesn't get all over everything.
Great tip - I'll totally keep that in mind.

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