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Originally Posted by JCC View Post
As far as I know, a majority of major builders don't give out costs. That being said, the average model home has between 30K and 50K in upgrades. When I visited the Richcraft design centre recently (which I hear is one of the more costly ones), she said nobody had ever spent more than $100K in upgrades, and they made basically every upgrades possible. On average, people spend between 10 and 30K at the design centre.

What kinds of things are you looking to upgrade?

Side note: Don't upgrade paints. The house has to break itself on, and you'll have to pay for premium paint again after you do. Stick to a few categories: Lights, Flooring, Structural, and Cabinetry.

I can tell you that there isn't really options booklets anymore. You do an orientation at the design centre, they don't tell you prices (for the most part), and they go to their contractors (Subcontractors) for pricing.

Remember, most of these builders don't do much (or any) of them work themselves, so they don't have the prices readily available. It also doesn't help that they have 10-40 floorplans, and someone might want hardwood only halfway into a room, some might want it more, so they need to actually handle these requests.
Hmm, not sure I agree with a bunch of these points and I assume you're specifically talking about town homes for your pricing figures.

Regardless, unless things have changed drastically since we bought our town home (8yrs ago) and two (2) singles (6yrs and 4yrs ago), I find it hard to believe that builders don't share costs except once you've purchased and are in the design phase.
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