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I personally used good2know checklist for my PDI as it very useful.

Most of the above suggestions are great and well advised. However, when I did mine, I took 2 people with me and both have different options which I got distracted. If I were you I would do this:
1. Take only one person, doesn't hurt to have another set of eyes. The more people the more distraction you will get.
2. Check the upgrades item, and make sure they’re correct.
a. One upgrade item I did discovered late was a pantry missing shelves. And wrong side of garage door opener keypad and sadly they had to change some of the pot-lights location. So, study your upgrades options prior to the appointment.
3. Takes notes on all deficiencies (if you can observe them all during that 1hr) if not you still have your 30-day form to submit and/or note them on the PDI paper before you sign.
4. Make sure all equipment works that include appliances (if any), HVAC, furnace, fireplace and shut off valve under each sink.
5. Don’t bother testing the plugs, this can be done at the 30-day list with the inspector if you decide to hire one.
6. Take pictures, just in case things changed between PDI and possession day.

Best of luck
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