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This is just my opinion but,,,,

I'm not a big fan of so called "smart" HRV controls. I don't want a device to determine when my HRV should be ON based on humidity levels. For me, the HRV should be more about YOU and how YOU perceive the air to feel and smell.

For example - a "smart" HRV control is not smart enough to know that you have just cooked fish or a steak and the house smells yet that is when I would want the unit to be ON.

Maybe I'm just being simple minded but I like to control things like HRV's so I prefer VanEE's Lite-Touch Central Control.

This LED indicator push-button wall control shows clearly in which operating mode the unit is in and has three functions:

1 - Intermittent (low speed air exchange for 20 min and off for 40 min.)
2 - Min (low speed air exchange)
3 - Max (high speed air exchange)

This keeps things simple - You burn a steak, set it on Max for 15 minutes to clear the house. Having company over and doing lots of cooking, set it on Min while they are there. Everyday use in the winter, set it on Intermittent.

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