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Originally Posted by GregS View Post
If you do not plan on having any sort of stand underneath, where do you plan on placing any components you wish to use? DVD player, digital cable or satellite box, etc..
I have a 17 x 11 room (Family room) thats on the first floor which I want to convert into a dedicated home theater room. The thing is I want to achieve a very slick look in this room with no sight of components anywhere in this room. I also have a small 10X11 room (Bedroom 3) on the other end of the house, which I will be converting into a study room. This is where I want to have all the components (A/V receiver, DVD player, etc). The floor plan of the second floor is attached below.

The problem with this setup is how would you get your remote to operate the receiver etc which are in a completely different room. Through a little bit of research I found that this can be achieved using Niles RCA3 IR kit ( I got to know about this through this website

In the article above, the stand with all the components was directly behind the wall where TV will be. In my case this is not so easy as the study room where I want all my components to be will be on the other end of the house. Since both the rooms are on the first floor, I was thinking of running the cables through the atic and using the Niles IR kit to be able to control all the equipment.

Greg, do you think this is achievable? I know before the dry wall is up it should be pretty easy. But in case the builder doesn't allow me to do this, how hard is this after all the drywalls are up? If its too big a hassle, then I guess I'll just stick with standard setup of having a TV stand right underneath with all the components.
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