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Originally Posted by Halton Home Inspector View Post
Yesterday I did a 1 year inspection at a Mattamy home in Oakville for a repeat customer. Nothing major was found so that's good. Among other things, these items were found -

- Caulk was missing around a number of windows.

- The HRV intake was too low to the ground so an extension cover will need to be installed. In Ontario the BOTTOM of HRV intakes must be minimum 17 3/4 inches above the ground unless the local municipality requires that they be higher above the ground.

- Sealant was missing at roof wall flashing details at both sides of the home.

- The kitchen exhaust was missing the required screen.

- The HRV was not installed level.

- No air flow out of a bedroom HVAC floor register, likely not connected in the basement.

- All of the bathroom exhaust ducts in the attic are installed poorly and they are leaking exhaust into the attic. This is a serious problem in the winter when the warm exhaust air condenses and can fill the attic with moisture. Of course this leads to mold and rotted roof sheathing.

- Not enough insulation in areas of the attic.

- Poorly installed dryer exhaust duct = not venting properly. The exterior vent and a portion of the duct should be replaced.

In other words. Not bad overall. Better to have the builder fix these things then to deal with them yourself if identified at a resale inspection.

On a side note - I recently did a pre-purchase inspection of a 6 year old luxury home with huge and very high cathedral ceilings above the open kitchen and living room area. My IR camera found that the builder forgot to install insulation anywhere above this ceiling and making matters worse there was no access to get insulation in there. My buyer walked from the house and the seller was left red faced and mad as hell. Oh well. I guess that's what happens when you spend a million or 2 and don't spend a pittance to have someone check it for you.
Thank you.Fantastic and detailed explanations. Makes it all the more important to hire home inspector for 30 day, 1 year and 2 year inspections.
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