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Default City of Toronto Deck ByLaws

My semi-detached neighbour is building a deck off their main level without a permit. I don't want to be a bad neighbour, but there are a couple things I do not agree with and have to think are against code.

They have torn down their existing small deck and are building a larger deck that basically spans the width of their property. Based on the lot elevation, the main level of our two homes is about 7 feet above grade. So the deck being constructed is basically at the height of the top of our existing privacy fence dividing our properties.

My first problem is the deck floor is complete and is approx 2 inches from the property line. The second problem is they are currently constructing a privacy fence on the deck that is looking to be a minimum of 8 feet tall.

The problem I have with these two factors is my dining room/kitchen window at the rear of my house is going to have this massive wall running beside it and when I look out my window that is all I will see. Not to mention, I can say goodbye to any light getting in through that window.

I know I could be a real ass and call the city and report the work being done without a permit, but I really don't want to do that and destroy the relationship with my neighbour. If I have a conversation with them, is anyone able to tell me what the building code requirements are for decks in the City of Toronto? Primarily the proximity to the property line and the allowable height for a fence built on the deck.

I've been searching online but am coming up empty. Based on what I've found, I think the maximum height for a fence on a deck is 2.0 meters (6'6"), but I am not sure if this changes based on the height of the deck and the proximity of the deck to the property line. Even with a 6'6" fence being added on the deck, I am basically looking at a 13 to 15 foot fence running along the side of my yard, due to the decks proximity to the existing privacy fence.

Any information or suggestions anyone is able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

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