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Originally Posted by foxborough View Post
Here's an article written by a home inspector from Winnipeg. It may be helpful.

I've always been confused about HRVs in Ottawa. You wouldn't use a HRV in the summer if you have the a/c going, as it is counter productive. Ottawa has extremely dry winters, with most home owners complaining about cracking and shrinking hardwood due to the relative humidity in their homes being too low. You wouldn't run a HRV then either as the intent of a HRV is to control the humidity in your home by replacing the humid air in your home with the drier air from outside. So it would seem that you would only run a HRV for a little while in the Spring and early Fall, where quite frankly, I am okay to just open a window for fresh air.
You still need to cycle te air in the house though to bring in fresh air. My ERV is a good compromise. It does a much better job at maintaining humidity, and you can just supplement with a humidifier in the winter if necessary. My AC is more than capable of dehumidifying as necessary in the summer. Our ERV runs year round - normally in its "smart" mode where it monitors indoor/outdoor conditions and optimizes its runtime in order to get the necessary number of daily air changes.
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