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I'm in the same boat I understand its for fresh air, but every time I turn it on its always throwing cold air and makes the house feel really cold, not only that but it also keeps the furnace blower running 24/7. Only time we turn it on is while cooking to keep the smell out of the house. I also hate the fact that its very limited in terms on functionally. I would have preferred to turn it on for 15 minutes per hour or something to just keep the air fresh and not have it on for hours.

Still understanding it but I believe if the control unit on the HRV is set to intermittent and a percentage is set on the humidstat, the HRV will stop once it reaches the desired "humidity", this is where I get confused. The house humidity is around 30% humidity but the hudistat for the HRV needs to be around 55% if set any lower it runs 24/7.

I don't really get why this is backwards or what the correct % should be set to keep the house comfortable.

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