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Just wanted to drop a note here about Dan AKA MortgageGuy...

This is the 3rd time we've used him to source/refinance our mortgage and will go back for a 4th, 10th and 33rd time if need be. He has tremendous depth of knowledge within the industry and keeps up to date with trends and news. He's always given us sound advice so that we're viewing the entire picture and have all options on the table to help make an informed that about him.

He is active daily on the Ottawa forums where he's helped a TON of people (his thread has almost 1,000 replies and over 125,000 views!!) with fantastic and timely advice. If you're looking for the best rates, honest and upfront advice and some good humour, drop Dan an email or give him a call...he's totally worth your time!

A+ broker in my mind and we will continue to refer folks his way.
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