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See my best guesses in red below.

Originally Posted by richyrich View Post
I'm mulling getting some hardscaping done this year - probably closer to end of season. I'm struggling a bit with understanding realistic costs for a quality job beyond a $/sqft - what it really costs for a basic/nice/amazing install.

Would any of you who've worked with local companies mind posting a picture and ballpark cost - <$5k, $5-10k etc? I don't mind if you include the company name or not but I'm particularly interested in:

- Front steps and walkway replacing builder specials
Depending on how big and fancy this is you could be anywhere from $2K to $10K or more.
- Small to medium sized patios
Around $20 to $25 per square foot for a basic flat patio with no retaining walls or fancy steps. Retaining walls and steps really add to the cost of a patio.
- Armour stone retaining walls
This really depends on how big the retaining wall is and can get quite expensive very quickly. You can easilly get into the tens of thousands for a large retaining wall.
- Boulder installations
No idea.

Thanks in advance if you can spare a few mins to help. I think it will be a useful reference for others.
To give you an example, I did the patio around my pool last summer myself and for roughly 1000 square feet it cost me about $15K. I had estimates from local companies to do it and it was more than double what it ended up costing me. The $15K included all stones, base material, renting equipment, and paying my pool company a bit to have them do the excavation while they were digging my pool.
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