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Because it was asked, here is my own experience.

I closed last October and I had very positive experience with Ashcroft. Those are the things that come immediately to mind

The good things:

1) The design centre staff are very good. We must have consulted them over 10 times (we have changed our minds that often). They did not specifically restricted the number of consultations and were very patient and professional with us.

2) We got some freebies (in addition to the design bonus offered) from the sales center and also from the design center as well. (many $K in savings there).

3) Dealings with the head office was good too.

4) Our 30 day report items were taken care of quite promtply. We have called them on many items we have not had on our 30day list and they have always been cooperative in dealing with those. Better, they have always answered our request within a day or so. My wife and I were sometimes surprised by the fast responses.

5) The staff they have to provide the services to the home after closing is very good.

6) We had items that were damages we felt they could deny us the repairs/replacement because we would not be able to prove that the damages was not the results of our use (and those are also not listed on the 30 day report). They promptly and replaced/repaired them rapidly anyway.

7) Since we bought the home, the listed price for it has increased by $40K.

The bad things:

1) Their main salespersons are not friendly and sometimes quite rude. They don't seem to know much and sometimes give the wrong info (intentional or not).

2) Bad planning made us miss our closing date by over 6 months but we got good compensations for the delayed closing (also worth several $K).

Overall, I feel I had dealt with a good company and their people are, in general, very good. I have not heard many bad things about Ascroft that have occured since the Central Park fiasco in the early 2000.

Talking to many of their staff in the head office, I was informed that many of them moved to Ascroft from other reputable builders (Urbandale, Richcraft, etc.) so they have learned the good things from elsewhere and have tried to improve how Ashcroft is doing things since. My hope is that they will keep improving like they did lately and one day, they will be one of the top bulders in term of quality because pricing wise, they are quite good.

I like to think of Ascroft as Hyundai. Remember when Hyundai first came into the market? Where is it now? Not far from Toyota and Honda. And i don't feel that Ascroft is at their starting point so....

That is my experience and my view.

M & M

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