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Originally Posted by koolk23 View Post
Another question: My builder is using the Silverboard Graphite XS as the insulation material for the exterior walls. Problem is they have opted to install this directly on the framing without any OSB sheathing underneath (other than the corners). So while I realize this is an approved method of installing this product, are there any concerns around rigidity of the structure? What about projectile damage during a Tornado type situation? I poured through my sales contract and I didn't see the specifics of the construction and I am wondering if there is anything that can be done at this point?
The Ontario Building Code permits wall sheathing material which includes plywood, OSB, and rigid insulating panels. Proper attachment of the sheathing provides for a structurally sound wall assembly, with high compression and tension resilience to prevent walls distortion such as raking and twisting.

If you are in a home that is going to be hit by high winds, such as a tornado, then projectiles will go through any wood-framed wall regardless of its construction, as well as through window and door glass. My advice would be to assume that projectiles are a concern when you see a tornado coming, and head to the basement.
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