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Originally Posted by New_Home_Owner_01 View Post
I noticed that the joints of the duct work aren't taped and there are a few screw holes. How easy is it to get the builder to fix stuff before we move in. Is it easier just to go through the home myself and install the tape on the joints. I have read some threads that this can save you a lot of money on your heating/cooling costs.
Sealing duct joints improves heating and cooling efficiency by reducing loss of conditioned air delivery to areas and rooms. There is no requirement for ducting to be sealed for new homes. However, homes with the Energy Star rating require air supply and return trunks and ducts to be sealed. If your home is not built to Energy Star requirements, you would have to talk to your builder, and I suspect this would be a chargeable option by the HVAC installer. As for taping joints yourself after you move in, yes this would be a good thing to do as you will get quick payback from your investment of time and relatively small amount of money to buy tape.
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