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Originally Posted by Lordsxo View Post
Thanks for the list Jeremy. Is that everything in the book or what you opted for?

I'm definitely going for the conduit and the rail and picket for up and down, maybe the extra boxes for the island lighting, the design centre will have to sell me on the rest. Not saying your choices are bad Jeremy, just I don't have the best paying job with two kids under 2.
Hi Lordaxo

Those are just the options we opted for. The design book is about 1/2 an inch thick lol
I completely understand the financial aspect as we ended up going about $4000 over budget for upgrades. We attempted to try and only do the items we thought would be harder to do after closing or would potentially cost more.

Originally Posted by Amanda1 View Post
Hi again

Jeremy, if you wouldn't mind sharing, could you give us:
- prices for granite countertops...or are they included in chefs kitchen?
- the price for the frameless shower door in ensuite...not sure if that's what you selected
-prices for pot lights
- air conditioning
- microwave over the stove

Hi Amanda

Here are the prices you were looking for;

Granite countertops are not included with the chefs kitchen
Pricing in our design guide for the chefs kitchen option is $5233 for basic coloured granite or quartz and $5912 for premium coloured granite or quartz. This includes the under mount sink and single hole faucet (Moen Abor or Brantford in classic stainless steel)
We did a little research in the area and found not only is it easy to do after, it can be much cheaper for granite and the colour selection is far better then at the design centre. They did have decent prices for quartz but colour selection was limited.

We selected the super shower as a structural upgrade and then we chose the glass shower enclosure that included the frameless glass shower door for $1794
This is how the model home has there ensuite shower.
If you only want the frameless glass shower door it is priced in our book for $1336

Pot Lights
Line voltage recessed LED potlight - where living space exists above $247
Line voltage recessed LED potlight - where no living space exists above $306
Exterior 4" LED dimmable energy star certified exterior potlight on underside of soffit. switch sold separately. $352
I would think all potlight prices are per potlight

2.0 Ton Unit - 14.5 seer rating $3525
We did a little research and found we should be able to get this done after closing for cheaper - $2000 - $3200 depends on humidifier and air filter options. Also found we could get a better quality unit. I believe they are still using Lennox units.

Over the Stove Microwave
White Microwave Hood Fan in lieu of included hood fan $685
Black Microwave Hood Fan in lieu of included hood fan $685
Stainless steel microwave hood fan in lieu of included hood fan $777
These Cannot be ordered with gas rough in for future gas stove
Shorten cabinets above stove for future microwave hood fan installed by purchaser after closing $364

Delete upper cabinet over stove/cooktop opening to allow for chimney style fan to be installed by purchaser after closing $112

Hope i didn't forget anything!
Let me know if there is anything else.


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