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Originally Posted by newbieowner View Post
Yeah, I know, I shouldn't expect much appreciation with today's market. I'm just curious whether Stouffville much more mature than Bradford and will probably not appreciate much as Bradford. Yeah taxes higher in Durham region, which is probably why the prices are little lower. Although, pricing in Ajax and Stouffville are pretty close. Bradford is slightly lower, but it is also further away from the City.

Are there infrastructure expansions as well in Stouffville? It seems like Markham rd is being expanded. Also I've heard the new home constructions are slowing down the Stouffville due because it has reached capacity in terms how many people the city can currently support.

You are absolutely right, there are also other factors to consider. Thinking about daily life, I do like the country side feel of it. I've seen some stores there, hopefully there will be more expansion. Do you ever have to go out of the city for stuff.. restaurants, shopping, recreation, etc...
For example, if you compare what I paid for my model in May 2009 with 2 of the same model that just sold in the last month (resale) in Stouffville, both sold for the same price which was $116K more than I paid back then. So that's a significan increase, but it's the past & you're asking about the future.

From what I heard there was infrastructure expansion that took place and there is more to come but unfortunately I've only been here 1 year and am no expert on that. Someone else will chime in on that hopefully soon. Some builders are done building, others not. My understanding is that it will only get so big since some of the land cannot be built on but someone recently said that the restrictions on selling that land may change in the future so you're guess is as good as mine. However, if you like the Country feel you will get that in Slowville!

For the most part I am fine with what's available in Stouffville but I do go to Costco and sometimes Markham to grab something but not on a weekly basis. As well, I work downtown so it affords me plenty of opportunity to grab little things here & there if I want to or when I visit friends etc. I was spoiled living in the city for decades so it is a getting used to, but there's enough close by anyway.
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