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Good read here:

Originally Posted by Halton Home Inspector View Post
It's not that I purchased a home but I have been at many PDI's. If it's a Mattamy home then usually you start in the kitchen where the PDI Rep will explain the process.

That PDI Rep will likely have a roll of green painters tape and use small pieces of that tape, and give you pieces of tape to mark defects like scratches, dents, chips, and other defects on counters, cabinets, doors, cabinets doors, etc., etc., etc.

TIP - I would suggest you spend a couple dollars and buy your own roll of basic green painters tape. That way you do not have to constantly ask the rep for pieces from his/her roll.

Once you have finished going over the PDI process in the kitchen the rep will probably want you to go upstairs to go through the rooms and bathrooms. This gives you a good chance to carefully scrutinize the hardwood steps and handrails for poor finishes, chips, scratches, staple holes, etc.

Once you are upstairs - in bedrooms just focus on painted walls, doors, carpet, hardwood* floors, but in bathrooms spend more time checking cabinets, counters, cabinet doors, look inside cabinets for damage, check toilets and tubs for damage, scratches, etc., and run your hands over tub surfaces looking for defects and pain splatter.

Once you are on the main floor carefully scrutinize hardwood floors and then spend a good amount of time checking the kitchen.

Once downstairs the PDI Rep will usually briefly go over your equipment like sump, furnace, HRV, water shut off, water heater etc. Since there are no real finishes down there just make sure the equipment is not damaged.

Your PDI should NOT be rushed. Tarions rule of thumb is one hour for every 1000 square feet. The garage will be checked so make sure the mandoor closes as latches shut and make sure the front of the garage door has NO damage.

If it's not a wet muddy disaster then usually they will walk around the home to note a few things but don't expect much and frankly all that is a waste of time because exterior issues are covered well beyond the PDI.

* Hardwood floors are a particular problem if not inspected properly. Google "hardwood floor cupping" for info and make sure your floors are not "cupped".

Take a small clean damp cloth ( comes in handy because sometimes small bits of dirt on cabinets look like damage and you can simply wipe them clean.

Don't worry about electrical issues, insulation, structure, roof, HVAC, and other major systems of the home because they are covered well beyond the PDI.

If the PDI Rep says silly things like "everything is covered for one year", don't believe it.

Do not take distractions like small kids to the PDI.

If things are not perfectly clean then they can NOT be inspected. PDI Rep should note that and the area should be inspected later.

Sorry I'm rambling,,, I could go on but I'll stop here.

My only other advice would be to call me for a real inspection of the home because a PDI is mostly just cosmetic. In the Preserve my inspections have found serious heath safety issues and many other significant code violations and defects.

Remember, a confident builder will encourage you to get a proper independent new home warranty inspection. A not so confident builder will try to convince you that an independent inspection is not necessary.

TIP - Study the Tarion Construction Performance Guidelines - Interior and Flooring sections.

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