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Hi Callaway (Is your name for our street name lol?)

I too, am happy to hear from someone from our community!

I thought the Hillcrest layout was perfect for my boyfriend and I... Anything larger was just too much house for us!
We added the Fireplace in the living room as well as the Bay window =)
Upstairs, we upgraded our ensuite to the 4 pc one!! I can't wait to see it!!! I love ensuites haha.
And lastly, we got the upgrade for the basement (We just wanted the rough-in but we had to get the whole package.. meh!) I also want to get a Cold Cellar also! Did you get anything else other than the fireplace?

I plan on visiting the Oakville Design Centre to get a feel for how the Cambridge one will be lol! I think we get called for DC in May or June.

I am soooo jealous that Milton's blog is so awesome! I wish we had one!! I would love to start one! We should go into it together =) We could make it better HaHa!

I want to visit the site and see the area... Even though it's only dirt right now! Can you tell this is my first house? I am not too familiar with the area though. Right now, I live in Brampton. Before buying the house, I had never been to Cambridge! Nor did I really know where it was!

It's such a long waiting game! But time will fly that's for sure! I wonder when Cambridge's DC will open. The first house has been closed since Jan 19th for renovations to turn it into the DC. Definitely keep me informed if you hear anything!

We are on the right side (I think) also. We are lot #145. I am hoping for no sidewalk! And same street as you Callaway =)
Mill Pond (Hespeler) Cambridge Phase 2
Hillcrest, Elevaton "A"

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