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Originally Posted by samcello View Post
Well, I truly don’t think you will be alone there! People just don’t know maybe about this forum. But you will be just fine in your new home, I am pretty sure.

We are still on stage one by choosing the upgrades. We have chosen the Greenwich by Minto.
Upgrades chosen: potlights in basement, kitchen and living room, ensuite bathroom, Gaz for kitchen, upgraded furnaise, air condition…

well next and final step will come at the end of June for upgrade cabinets and countertops…
we have that model too but we're in avalon.
the potlights are great we have those on the main level and upper hallway but i would say to get the AC after you move in and not with the builder. i think its 3k to get through minto? we got ours a few days ago with axis and we paid like 2100 or something including everything. its a huuuge difference.

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