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Default 2.54% 5 yr fixed

So I am back to having the 2.54% 5 yr fixed
20% annual pre-payment, no real restrictions other than only lending in the Ottawa/Hull and or Toronto GTA and surrounding areas.

Just some feed back, on the lenders in general. There is still an upwards trending movement in rates.
Scotia Bank increased my broker rates on 5 yr fixed to 2.99%, and today National Bank decreased their discounting(charging more now) to Prime -.20% or 3.50% on their variable rate mortgages today.
Likely no other reasons than their costs to lend are increasing and are tired of making less money. Now passing their cost back on to the consumer.

My best variable is Prime -.55% (but the lender has no bridge financing), so my best Variable is at Prime less .40 other wise.

As mentioned above, my best 5 yr fixed is 2.54%, and next up from that at most companies is 2.79% or greater.
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