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Please check the facts with Ontario Ministry of Culture or with the town engineer to confirm before making assumptions based on a security guard's opinions.

From what I recall there was a section of the site that will remain preserved on the mantle ave section of the site as requested by the town of Stouffville. The Ministy has meet both with the developer and town and has made a provisional agreements with the town to preserve a portion of the site.

The Minitsry was (or may be still is) waiting for final written agreement for long tem protection of the site priior to making recommendations to release the site for registration.

This information was as of May 5 2006. If some one has updated info form a reliable source please share it with us or contact the town engineer or Ontario Ministry of Culture.

The other known issue was technical complications of extending the water pipe to the mantel ave area, which I believe was resolved.

Lets all hope for a July dig...
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