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Your main problem is the subbase. It probably sucks.

The better idea, I think, is give it a year or two of settling and freeze-thaw. Remember that near your home, it's all disturbed soil (backfill). Once the builder is long gone, tear it up, remove the subbase material and some of the native subgrade, install new subbase, compacting in 3-4" lifts, and place sand and interlock or whatever you want.

We've been in for 7 years, and our driveway still moves quite a lot - at least 1" and clise to 2" at one spot. The stone builders use can be full of compressible materials, and there really isn't that much of it. You need quite a good depth to achieve the sort of binding of stones to make a solid subbase. Depends on the area, but I've seen anywhere from 4" to 8" of subbase material used for driveways. You probably have less than 4" now. When I do my driveway, I may dig down 12" depending on where I find the subgrade and how compressible it is.

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