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A walk behind plate compactor will not do much. To use one of those you need to compact every few inches of base as you go.

They will add base and roll/ pack with a large machine before paving. If its not getting paved for a year and is going through a winter most of the major settling should be done. Its the recently disturbed driveways paved 5 months after the foundation is dug that tend to sink.

I would not do any interlock before paving. There is no way the asphalt contractor will pave with them in place. They will require that they grade and pack themselves before paving, and will likely refuse to pave a driveway graded by others. Your best bet is to either ask for a credit and pave yourself, which the builder may say no, or see if you can ask the builder or one of the site contractors to compact it once before they come and pack and pave.

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