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It appears as if the float that turns on the pump is getting stuck under one of the pipes going into the side of the pit. This will prevent it from rising with the incoming water in order to turn on the pump. The float should not ever be stuck under the water.

To test the pump - lift up the float and the pump should turn on. Let the float down and the pump should turn off.

NOTHING should obstruct the float in any way. It should be able to rise and fall in the pit without hitting the walls of the pit or hitting any pipes leading into the pit.

Side notes -

That particular brand of sump pit is IMO the worst one on the market. The prominent horizontal ridges of the pit are also a major cause of problem because sump floats often get stuck under the water.

IMO the length of cord between the pump and the float is too long and should have been set up so it is shorter.
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