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Originally Posted by daytripscanada View Post
Bradford re-sale values also went up 17% last year and the new houses appreciated around 12-15%. They are also a "growth node" and as such have been receiving a lot of government funding. Many new roads, the 400 interchange at 88 will be rebuilt, and there is a tabled extension running from 400 to 404 just south of 88. The town has a lot of money and has almost completed the largest recreation center in Ontario - 3 hockey rinks, 5 swimming pools etc.

They also have an aggressive plan for the downtown core and have begun a 20 year plan to turn it into the next downtown Oakville. Their plan is online.

It depends on where you live/work. I chose Bradford because (snow aside) I find the 400 a far better drive than the 401 (snow storms and long weekends removed from the equation). I had been doing the 400 for part of my commute for over 2 years (from 401 to Wonderland) and it's almost always a 120km/h steady with a slight slow down around the 407.

Stouffvile is also very nice. I *personally* wouldn't go to Ajax because I see the Eastbound 401 traffic at night and it's craaaaaaazy. If you are planning on GO'ing it, then Ajax would work well.
Thats great news about the appreciation. I wonder if Stouffville appreciated as much. The houses in Bradford does seem little more affordable. Were the housing developments in Bradford more recent than Stouffville? How long is your commute to downtown?

Also I might be moving jobs soon to Saga.. but I would still rather buy in york area. I know its better to buy close to work. I figure I can't decide based on where i work now, I could somewhere else in GTA down the down.
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