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Originally Posted by GreyingJay View Post
The OP specifically asked if it was OK to just cut a hole in the vapor barrier to accommodate the speakers, "so the speaker is pressed up against the insulation directly". Maybe this is OK, as long as the vapor barrier is then tightly sealed to the perimeter of the speaker enclosure?

If the OP wants to do this project, I think they should consider a professional installation just to make sure it's done correctly. I'm not even sure I know how to do it correctly. I do know I don't want to mess with my building envelope without being absolutely sure I'm doing it right.
Put your hand in front of an outlet on one of your outside walls on a cold windy day. You will be surprised how little attention your builder paid to ensuring there was no air leakage.

For sure you want to do it right. But it isn't rocket science. Just make sure the speaker enclosure is rated to be used as a vapor barrier and seal the original vapor barrier to it well.
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