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Originally Posted by BartBandy View Post
Not a mess, and not immediately, but you'll smell it eventually. It could take years. And concrete is porous. It will always be at least more damp than the air. Put a straight 2x4 on your basement floor in Ottawa. It will curve up after a few days because the bottom of that 2x4 will absorb moisture from the floor.
Like I said, 20 years at my old place and carpet never smelled. I haven't finished my new place so can't say how carpet would do but I've got cardboard boxes that have been on my basement floor for 7 years now. Never moved. If the floor was damp shouldn't I have mold by now? I'll have to check the boxes but I definitely don't smell any mold.

Only places I've ever seen with mold in the carpets also had a lot in the walls and it was usually more to do with lack of any air circulation and/or someone allowing the basement to get very cold in the winter (turning the heat way down in the winter is a great way to get mold started). That or repeated leaks/floods.

Of course, your mileage may vary. If you are worried about mold then a subfloor is the way for you to go.
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