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Hey OscarKat,
Thanks so much for your info! That is awesome that you got the Maple as well! Just a couple of questions- The mantels- did you go with the Da Vinci design? Is there an upgrade to keep the opening from the office to the family room? We visited the Decor centre a couple of weeks ago- it seems that most of your upgrades are similar to the ones we are thinking about. The glass shower is a must! I think that looks fantastic! Did you get the upgraded tub? I'm in the process of trying to convince my husband to get that! What level of upgrade did you get for your hardwood floors....? Did you get the choose the colour of your brick? The colour of your doors/stone etc.?? One more question- Did you get any of the built ins? (Family room/Living room/Office)...They look so great! I'm wondering how much they will cost....Please, Please spill on anything you would like about the Maple...Did you get Elevation2? It is super exciting isn't it? Again thanks again for your posts!! =)
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