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Originally Posted by sw737 View Post
Hello all,

I was looking for a forum exactly like this the whole time my house was being built and never found it. Now that I have been in my house for just over two months (after waiting a year from purchasing it), I finally found this forum today. Wish I had this tool while my house was being built, however I still am excited to join today.

It's great to see everyone enjoying their experiences with GGH, which I have as well. I'll just throw my two cents in on a couple of the questions raised.

As for the plant close to the site, I have not heard or smelled anything either. GG ensured that it would not be an issue which it hasn't been. It is nice that they created a bit of a barrier to relieve a bit of the eye sore. I grew up in Newmarket and can remember way back when you could see that factory from very far away.

We used a lot of upgrades in the kitchen and ensuite bathroom. We also did the glass shower and looks amazing! Ours was about the same as what 'daytripscanada' said with the $2500.

It's very exciting to see all that is going on in terms of commercial development around the area. On that note, does anyone know what is being built right now at the corner in front of Wild Wing??? I have searched everywhere for a "coming soon" sign, but am still left guessing. I was not aware of the Esso station going in across the street from the Petro either, that's pretty cool.

Anyway, thanks everyone. I'll be coming back to keep on top of all the going on here.
I'll ask my husband about what's being built there and see if he knows anything, he's a project manager for commercial construction and often has a heads up on that stuff (and never thinks to let me know).
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