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Originally Posted by lot35
Starlane just called, the floor tiles we ordered almost a year ago are no longer in stock for our entire main level and main washroom upstairs. Maybe they should have ordered then a year ago to avoid this issue. We took a day off to drive down to Vaughan as requested by Starlane to choose new tiles, "the new collection was in" to pick from. They had 4 reject tiles that were from the 80's that no one else had picked and were leftover’s. We were forced into picking one, so we did. After a few minutes we found out it was also out of stock, so we had to pick between 3. We were told we had to pick one or our house closing could be delayed and we would have to take another day off and come back. They didn't provide us samples of our cupboards or countertops to try and matchup the tiles we were suppose to pick. We emailed our rep at Starlane, no response at all. The best part was on top of everything we were charged an upgrade fee for picking a new tile. We had no choice, in picking a new tile (they are nuts). Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? If so, any luck in dealing with Starlane?
We had to choose new main level tile as well because of a discontinuation. Our experience wasn't nearly this negative though. We were given samples of our kitchen cabinet and counter to match colours and we found one almost identical to what we chose originally. The people at the tile place were pretty helpful and made some suggestions based on the original selection. Also, the Starlane Rep (Linda) is always very quick to get back to us whenever we email. We don't always get the answer we're hoping for but she responds quickly. Was it Linda you emailed?
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