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Originally Posted by R_D_G View Post
Hi Mark & Lynda.

The switch will not drop the rate between the switch and the router to 100mbs. Ethernet switch ports will clock bits at the physical line rate (10mbps, 100mbps, or 1gbps in your case). The TCP protocol has a windowing mechanism to slow down the traffic if your TV is getting overwhelmed. Or if the file transfer is happening over UDP, the application should have a mechanism for pacing traffic.

Question: why not connect the TV to the ethernet switch? it is more efficient to use the router to route to the internet and keep LAN traffic within the LAN switch.

Thanks guys.

Right now my router is located in the main floor den with three connections in that room (CPU/printer/NAS) and the TV from the family which drops to the basement and back up to the den. And I need to add two more ports.

My original plan was to move the router to the basement, run my family room ethernet drops (3) to the basement and over to the router and one line from router to den for the switch. All basically to avoid running a bunch of cables up to the den. We're remodeling the room and I'm trying to avoid a nest of cables.

I've got a new plan. Going to buy an 8-port switch, move switch and router together to the basement, relocate the NAS to the basement (I don't really need it beside my computer, right), run the printer wireless and feed one line to the den. This will allow me to keep all network hardware together and run everything off the switch as you suggest.

Thanks for making me think about this.
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