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Default Bandwidth caps make me unhappy!

I cut the cable a long time ago and we've been very happy with iTunes and Netflix, along with my OTA antenna for our 13 local Ottawa channels. I've really missed TSN for curling and hockey, but I'm surviving.

But... bandwidth caps are killing me now. Between 1080p iTunes content and Super HD Netflix, over the Christmas Holidays I blew my cap with Bell - big time. I got the warning around Dec 20th and so I added the 75GB addon to make sure I didn't exceed my 250GB. Somehow I finished at 410GB on December 31st and my bill was $177 for the month. For Internet. So frustrating...

I guess I need to accept that this is the reality of living the streaming lifestyle, but it still really irks me. My 50/50 Fibe connection from Bell is fantastic, I just wish it didn't come with such a crippling bandwidth quota.
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