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Originally Posted by homie27 View Post
after reading the link GreyingJay sent, i would definitely not cut the vapour barrier and have the speaker pressing up directing onto the insullation. so now my only concern is that the insullation would be compressed to 1 inch or a little more. how would that affect things? if condensation forms on the speaker itself, over time I may have to replace the speaker. not a huge deal. would the decrease in temperature be noticeable in the room or affect the inside of the wall? I was hoping for Greg's input.

You are going to probably have trouble installing an inwall speaker without having to cut the existing vapor barrier. Your exterior walls are more than likely 2x6s so if your speaker is 3 inches deep (is that measured from the front of the speaker) that should leave enough room. You shouldn't notice a difference in temperature in that room. The only problem would be if you don't seal it well.

Do you have a link for your speakers and enclosures that you plan to use?
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