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Tarion seems unable to control some builders who for example ------

Where I am there is one very large builder who has being asked by Tarion to stop perpetuating the myth that furnace 2 year warranties are automatically voided unless the home owner buys the AC from the builder.

So, it is very unfortunate and discouraging that even in some of this builders newest homes the builders HVAC company is still often putting a large sticker on the plenum beside or above the furnace clearly stating that the furnace warranty WILL be voided, not MAY be voided should other equipment ( like an AC ) be added to the furnace.

It is true however that the two year furnace warranty can be voided when the new home owner has the AC installed by someone other than the builder but only if 1) the home owner does not used a licenced HVAC company, or 2) if the installation of the AC causes damage to the furnace.

Maybe this builder and others have not stopped this practice because there is no consequence to their actions. If for example the builder was fined $1000 for every misleading warranty sticker found on furnaces then this problem would be fixed very quickly.

As well. IMO builders should be forced to put clearly visible stickers explaining real and accurate warranty coverage information on the plenums directly above furnaces. If that sticker is not applied the there should also be another significant fine.

How simple it is to really protect new home buyers.
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