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I totally agree, I m having an issue my builder right now and Tarion doesn't even know what to say me..
We were some subfloor issues so the builder came and we realized that my whole second floor was not sand down and scrwed down,, they have fired the site super as well, now the problem is that I have move in and have some furniture's in all of the five bedrooms..
I asked builder that I can't move the furniture's myself because they are heavy and I need to hire movers to do this. The builder doesn't want to pay for the movers to move the furniture's around so they can fix the subfloor.
The said Tarion code says that the home owner is responsible to move furniture's so I asked them that what does Tarion say about reimbursement to the home owner for the cost incurred to move the furniture's, I mean this isn't just one bedroom but all five bedrooms..
So the builder is saying that I am denying them access to fix the issue.
How can this be? How can tarion not forced the builder to pay for this expenses? why should I paying for the builders mistakes?

Originally Posted by suezuki650 View Post
Tarion should be there to make sure that the builder does it's job. If someone is between warranty periods it makes sense to deal with the builder directly. If it doesn't get addressed, then get Tarion involved at the next warranty date.

I do think that Tarion sides with the builder more often than it should, and this based on feedback I received when I asked about a problem I was having. There weren't many public comments but I received a number of private messages where it was obvious that Tarion was giving a lot of leeway on the builder's side.

When I spoke with Tarion directly I got the same feeling. I asked them how many times something had to be fixed before the builder had to replace it and I was told there isn't a limit and the most Tarion would do would be to ask the builder to try again. Not buyer friendly IMHO.
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