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WOW They charge a premium for a "quiet street"?? That's crazy! Like someone said, I think they are only good if you are looking to get a house for as cheap as possible and then do your upgrades yourselves. Otherwise, it didn't seem worth it in the end. Richcraft/Urbandale base prices are higher to begin with but mostly everything we wanted is already included.
Even Minto prices are more reasonable than Mattamy!

Originally Posted by doggiebacon View Post
The way Mattamy handled their releases of Abbottsville Crossing, which abuts Bradley Commons, has convinced us to never buy from them. For example, I can understand price increases every time they release new lots, but the fact that they also increase the prices for the optional layouts (i.e. en suite and kitchen optional layouts etc) is fking crazy! They were offering finished basement for approx. 4700$ when we first started looking. By the time they released a small portion of a new lot, the price for the finished rec basement went up to over $6000 for the same sq. footage!!! The en-suite went from approx. $5000 to almost $10k!!! Not to mention they decided for no good reason to tack on another $3000 lot premium on all their new releases, even ones that are interior lots that are not over-sized. When I asked why they mumbled something about the street being a quite street, which is complete bs.

TL;DR: Steer clear of Mattamy; super unorganized.
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