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I extended one duct down to just above the floor. But yes, a basement cold air return should be low.

The bagged insulation should go because it is going to condensate, like others have said. Very expensive homes in our area just studded in front of the bagged insulation and called it a day. They also put laminate over a layer of poly on the floor.

It sounds like we're in general agreement that headers should be spray foamed 3" for R20. The walls can get to R20 with spray foam or rigid foam, or even the Roxul semi-rigid board insulation works I understand, but then you need poly again. I vote spray foam because it's done in a day, though you have to be out of the house for 24 hours.

Then you need a dimpled floor membrane. I'm a big fan of DryBarrier, sold through Lowes nationally and IHL in Vaughan. Our basement, with spray foam and DryBarrier, is the most comfortable part of our house.
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